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For penis elongation, penis enlargement, penis straightening, and therapy of the penis

PeniMaster® and PeniMaster®PRO are patented physiological expanders stretching the penis over an extended period of time without any pain and, thus, stimulating its cell tissue. The devices can also be used for medical-therapeutic fields of application.

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The modern classic with holding belts

Product photo of the PeniMaster penis expander with holding belt technology for penis fixation.
  • patented threaded rod expander
  • wide, soft anatomic holding belt
  • adaptive fastening apertures
  • safety clip
  • small-size design
  • also for foreskin elongation

The new form of power and comfort

product photos of the PeniMasterPRO Basic glans fixation , of the PeniMasterPRO belt expander system, and of the PeniMasterPRO rod expander system Basic system Belt expander Rod expander
  • patented physiological bio function design
  • adapts to the glans without squeezing or deforming it
  • combines vacuum, adhesion, and positive-locking fit!
  • can be used with gliding oil optionally!
  • foreskin and lymph protection
  • can be worn with belt or rods
  • immediately pleasant without familiarisation
  • also applicable without pump ball
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The physiological mode of operation of PeniMaster® and PeniMaster®PRO for penis enlargement
A body part increases in size or changes its shape by means of the formation of new body cells within the part. Regarding the male genitals this natural procedure ends at the age of 20 at the latest. If the penis is to become larger or straighter afterwards ...
Fields of application of PeniMaster® and PeniMaster®PRO
penis elongation
more penis circumference
enlargement of the glans
straightening of curvatures
improvement of the erection
therapeutic fields of application
The advantages of PeniMaster® and PeniMaster®PRO
Our product family of sophisticated penis expanders for every man convinces with patented innovations in the private and clinical areas. Read more about the classic PeniMaster® and the new modular PeniMaster®PRO system concept.
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