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Retractive (retreating) penis

Smaller penis in old age

Old man's hand and old woman's hand together shaping a heart.

Penis shortening due to hormonal adjustment

With men, the so-called andropause that, amongst others, is characterised by a reduced production of testosterone, also known as the "virility hormone", starts approx. at the age of 50. As a consequence of the aforementioned and other hormonal adjustments, men, as they get older, find it increasing hard to have an erection. Sexual desire (libido) may decrease. Spontaneous erections will also occur more rarely at night.

Shrinking penis due to senior diseases and harmful habits

In an old age, medical conditions such as coronary diseases or hypertension have adverse effects on the blood supply of the cavernous bodies of the penis and consequently its tissue training by means of erections. Habits having effects on the health such as the consumption of large amounts of alcohol or tobacco are less effectively negated by older organs or show noticeable negative effects on the potency after many years only.

As a result, the supply of the cavernous body tissue of the penis due to sufficiently frequent and strong erections is decreased. This may result in a degeneration of the cavernous body tissue and consequently to penis shrinkage. The retractive (smaller) "senior penis" consequently is the optically visible signal of an overall decreasing sexual capacity.

Using a PeniMaster penis expander, the tissue of the penis can be trained passively. This can improve the erectile function and counteract the degeneration of the cavernous bodies. The application of a penis expander and the related conscious preoccupation with one's own penis may stimulate the interest in sexuality so that erections with positive physiological effects are induced deliberately more frequently.