The PeniMaster PRO belt penis expander system in sectional view
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PeniMaster PRO belt expander

PeniMaster PRO (Basissystem) Kupplungspfanne Gurt-Zugkrafterzeuger Gewebegurt Leiterschnallen Multi-Positionsanker Fixierclip


1. PeniMaster PRO (basic system)

(Item no. PMP-001)
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2. Belt pulling force generator for PeniMaster PRO system

(Item no. EPMP-007)
Elongation belt to be adjusted on both sides with multiple-position anchors (2.4) and coupling socket (2.1).

2.1 Coupling socket 

Connects the belt to PeniMaster PRO (1) under pulling force.

2.2 Tissue belt 

Eudermic, heavy-duty tissue band. Width: 5cm; adjustable length: without pulling force 70 to 140cm, below a pulling force of 1kg approx. 90 to 240cm.

2.3 Conductive buckles 

To adjust the length of the tissue belt (2.2) to each body height. On the basis of the two-sided design there is always an adjustment option within reach for all elongation techniques. Consisting of unbreakable and impact-proof plastic material.

2.4 Multiple-position anchors

Allow for special wearing techniques (e.g. winding below the knee joint) without disturbing formation of wrinkles of the tissue belt (2.2).

2.5 Fixing clip

Attaches the free end of the tissue belt (2.2) to the margins of the same, to the multiple-position anchors (2.4), or even to the waistband.

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