The glans fixation PeniMasterPRO Basic for penis enlargement in sectional view

The sluice ring of PeniMaster®PRO

latex sluice is used to connect the sluice ring to the glans chamber of PeniMasterPRO and serves for simple insertion of the glans of the penis into PeniMasterPRO.

The plastic ring has the same opening diameter as the glans chamber and holds the sluice open like a hopper so that the glans can be inserted into the glans chamber while the system is simultaneously sealed against air. In order that no body hair can be jammed between glans chamber and sluice ring, the sluice ring is equipped with four small spacers.

Product advantages:

  • holds the sluice open for easy insertion of the glans into PeniMasterPRO
  • with spacers against jamming body hair

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