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Pills and ointments for the growth of the penis

  • many false promises for simple profit
  • no improvement when using a penis expander
  • real hormone preparations have no local effect on the penis
  • approved impotence drugs allow for erections, but no penis growth

False promises on the internet

The pills, ointments and nutritional supplements which are freely available on the market do not contain any of the hormones necessary for penis growth and are therefore completely ineffective for enlarging the penis. With such preparations however, which mostly consist either of a simple mix of vitamins and minerals or herb extracts, there are no insignificant health risks with incorrect applications or overdose. The assertion of being able to enlarge the penis with this medication is absurd. Taking nutritional supplements, which are often recommended, as part of a penis enlargement treatment (provided as so-called 'penis patches') does not bring any improved treatment results either. From a legal point of view, the sale of the aforementioned medication also contravenes the Pharmaceuticals Act of most countries.

Pharmaceuticals stimulating the growth

Prescription preparations which are allowed and which contain growth hormones such as Somatotropin and which can only be taken with diagnosed growth disturbances (stunted growth, dwarfism) and in accordance with doctor's guidelines have an overall effect on the organism but not only on the penis. If such a preparation actually makes the member grow, then it is only at the expense of considerable negative health effects on other organs. An enlarging effect on the penis is not proven and has not so far been reported by people who misuse such preparations as doping agents (particularly in the area of professional body building) either. For this reason as well as due to the considerable side effects that exist (e.g. kidney failure), we can only advise against self medication with these drugs.

Pharmaceuticals for (temporary) penis enlargement - in the case of erectile dysfunctions

Known medications such as Viagra by the pharmaceutical manufacturers Pfizer are not suitable medications for encouraging the penis to grow, they simply assist patients with erection problems (erectile dysfunction) to get a harder penis so that they can have intercourse. It is in this context that preparations of this sort are often mistakenly offered as penis enlargement tablets, which consumers often mistakenly understand as being penis growth tablets, however. As described above, unfortunately, these things do not exist.

Penis enlargement by means of impotence drugs?

Structure of the Viagra molecule

Molecular structure of Viagra

Viagra and similar products are highly potent prescription medications. As opposed to over-the-counter dietary supplements not containing physiologically useful ingredients, they require FDA approval. However, these drugs do not enhance penis growth.


As has been proven, there are no effective pills or ointments resulting in the growth of the penis or even in the straightening of the curvature. Medically active growth hormones have no effects on the cavernous body of the penis after the natural growth of the body is finished, but on the muscles. On the contrary, men increasing the muscular mass by means of anabolic agents often suffer from penis shortening. Prescription preparations having the effect of an impotence drug in the case of erectile dysfunctions for example, do not result in any penis enlargement within the meaning of any growth exceeding the specified dimension either.