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PeniMaster Classic

The base ring by PeniMaster Classic

Comfortable support area of the PeniMaster base ring
Base ring with spring-balance and base rods
  • Base support suitable for PeniMaster Classic and PeniMaster PRO rod expander
  • extremely robust due to glass fibre-reinforced plastic
  • compact design
  • can be rotated as required, any wearing angle possible
  • 180 degrees swivelling
Note: The base support is also suitable for PeniMaster PRO.


The base ring of PeniMaster Classic consists of high-endurance plastic and holds the extension rods safely in place during the penis enlargement process.


The base ring supports the device by sitting flat against the body when the penis is strapped in. The wide and even design of the base ring ensures an even distribution of the ensuing pressure (Fig. 2). All rims of the base ring are rounded.

Comfortable support area of the PeniMaster base ring
Straight base ring with rounded rims for maximum comfort


The small hinges on the extension rods contribute to the fact that the device in its shortest extension is still very compact, and therefore applicable to even the smallest penises. The symmetrical design makes PeniMaster Classic wearable in either an upward or downward position (Fig. 3).

Extension rods of the base support of PeniMaster inclined at different angles in lateral view
The extension rods can be turned upwards or downwards in a 180 degree angle (or any angle in between) when wearing the device.
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