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The penis fixation of PeniMaster Classic

The holding support of PeniMaster is also suitable for a small penis.
Pic. 1 
The special design of the support base can fit even the smallest penis.
  • holding support + holding belt = penis fixation
  • holding support:
    • clip-on function for simple application without over-stretching the penis
    • may come loose from rods (overload protection)
    • adaptive fastening slots for simple insertion and long service life of the holding belt
  • holding belt:
    • wide support area
    • anatomically shaped
    • soft material
    • best-possible wearing comfort
    • "ears" for simple application

Support Base


Support base and holding belt together form a complete circle around the penis. The support base is very wide and designed to comfortably secure the penis in place while wearing the device (pic. 1).


The support base clips onto the extension rods and immediately detaches in case of a sudden impact on the device (i.e. in case of a fall). The glans of the penis will be protected on both sides by the protruding part of the extension rod holders (pic. 2).

The extension rods of PeniMaster are connected to the penis expander by means of a clip function.
Pic. 2 
Clip-on functionality; the support base is simply clipped on to the extension rods. In case of a fall, it frees the penis immediately.


The support base is simply clipped onto the extension rods from the top after the penis is already fastened onto the support base with the holding belt (clip-on function, pic. 2). This greatly simplifies the process of applying the penis stretching device (also see manual). To make it easier to insert the holding belt into the support base, the locking pins automatically turn towards the outside and enlarge the width of the fastening apertures (pic. 3). The lock-in naps of the holding belt pull the locking pins automatically close again. This narrows both apertures and holds the holding belt firmly in place (pic. 4).

PeniMaster arresting braces in closed condition
Abb. 3
PeniMaster arresting braces in open condition
Abb. 4

To take off the device or to loosen the holding belt, both locking pins are pushed upwards (pic. 5).

This worldwide unique and patented system makes the use of especially soft and comfortable materials for the holding belt possible. Its product life cycle is no longer shortened by any significant mechanical stress when applying the device or taking it off and when pulling the holding belt through narrow apertures.

Simple application of PeniMaster due to functional arresting braces.
Pic. 5 
Pushing the locking pins widens the fastening apertures. The holding belt can easily be removed or adjusted without straining the material.

Holding belt


PeniMaster Classic holds the penis in place with a wide and anatomically correct holding belt. The material of the holding belt consists of high-endurance and tear-resistant plastic material. The broad surface of the holding belt maximises the comfort level while wearing the device, and so enables the user to wear it over long periods of time (pic. 6).

The anatomically shaped holding belt provides for maximum wearing comfort with PeniMaster
Pic. 6
"Ears" to easily loosen and remove from the support base.


In case of a sudden strain on the device while wearing it (i.e. a fall), the plastic arresting naps on the side of the holding belt immediately give way and detach the device from the penis.


Using the plastic arresting naps on the side of the holding belt, the user can precisely adjust the pressure on the penis as needed.

Technology for more comfort: adaptive fastening apertures

A wide holding belt transfers the pressure forces required for fixing and stretching the penis on a larger area and, thus, provides an advantage when compared to slings or loops with comparatively small cross-section.

However, in order that a holding belt with arresting naps can be fixed sufficiently, the naps must be elastic and guided through comparatively narrow slots in a holding support. The high material stress resulting from the aforementioned requires the use of relatively hard, inflexible  rubber or plastic compounds for traditional rod expanders. Therefore, the service life of the belts increased by the aforementioned is mostly compromising the wearing comfort.

On the contrary, PeniMaster Classic offers soft holding belts at a maximum service life, because the width of the fixing slots is adapted automatically and variably: Adaptive fastening apertures at the bottom of the holding support open automatically when the holding belt is inserted, enlarge their slot width, and conserve the arresting naps. The counter pressure of the arresting naps and the installed return springs close the fastening apertures automatically and securely hold the belt in its application position.

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