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PeniMaster for erectile dysfunctions

The erection of the penis

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The erection of the penis is a biophysical process within the framework of which the cavernous bodies of the penis are supplied with more blood and the return flow of the blood is prevented simultaneously. The penis is "pumped up" by the blood pressure.

An erection is triggered by means of sexual mechanical or psychic stimulations or unintentionally, during sleep for example. The biological purpose of an erection is to be able to insert the penis into the vagina in order to insert the semen for the purposes of fertilising the woman (penetration). Furthermore, the capacity of the penis tissue is maintained. Without regular and sufficiently long erections the tissue of the cavernous bodies may degenerate (atropy) causing a visible loss of volume of the penis (shrinkage of the penis).

Causes for erectile dysfunctions

Erectile dysfunction (ED; commonly: acratia, impotence) is present if the ability to achieve an erection sufficiently hard and persistent for the sexual act is disturbed for longer periods of time.

If this is the case, the person affected should discuss this openly with an urologist. The urologist can determine whether this is an erectile dysfunction and whether it can be treated. If required, an ED may also be the consequence of a non-diagnosed disease (e.g. diabetes, hypertension) that must be treated initially so that an ED is improved causally. Relinquishing excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption may also result in an improvement of the ED.

PeniMaster to improve the erection

The tissue training due to elongation of the penis using a PeniMaster may generally provide a contribution to the improvement of the erectile function of the penis. Users with normal erectile function may achieve an increased erection hardness. It is often possible to positively influence a decrease of the erectile function for healthy men, particularly at a greater age, by means of application that can be implemented alternatively or complementary to the administration of corresponding preparations. Furthermore, the treatment of a retraction (shrinkage) of the penis as a consequence of a lack of blood supply may counteract erectile dysfunctions. The treatment may be implemented simultaneously to medical treatments.

More sexual desire due to the application of a penis expander

The improvement of the erectile capacity of the penis can increase self-confidence and may possibly increase the desire for sexual intercourse (libido). For this, the intensive long-term preoccupation with one's own penis and therefore one's own sexuality within the framework of application provides a contribution.