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Recovery of foreskin with PeniMaster (not PeniMaster PRO)

Grey bobble head made of wool with brim as a symbol for the foreskin of the penis

Why men want their foreskin back

The (also partial) removal of the foreskin of the penis is normally implemented on the basis of religious-cultural or medical reasons. A circumcision is often carried out during childhood and in the absence of an explicit consent of the person affected. Some men want their removed foreskin back on the basis of aesthetical reasons, on the basis of the feeling of "being incomplete", or even because the sensitivity of the glans is reduced without the protective foreskin due to permanent direct contact with textiles.

Skin elongation for the recovery of foreskin

The non-operative options regarding the recovery of foreskin are all based on the long-term elongation of the skin of the penis away from the body towards the glans. 

For this, the holding belt of PeniMaster must be fixed around the penis at a distance of a couple of centimetres to the glans. Afterwards, a pulling force is exerted on the penis and, thus, on the skin which will be elongated disproportionately strong and can be elongated as a consequence. This is a process that will take months. PeniMaster was not developed specifically for foreskin extension purposes. Over the course of the years users have described the effect of an elongated foreskin due to this application technique of the holding belt as a successful option of combining a penis elongation with a foreskin elongation. If an operative foreskin reconstruction is planned, the long-term preparing application of PeniMaster may improve the achievable result of the operation as a whole. 

Due to design reasons, PeniMaster PRO is not able to elongating the foreskin, because the fixing unit of the aforementioned only comprises the glans of the penis and not the skin of the penis shaft.

The recovery of the sensory characteristics of the natural foreskin and of the penile frenulum (frenulum) removed within the framework of a circumcision cannot be achieved adequately with any procedure. Consequently, the recovery of the foreskin is primarily a plastic-cosmetic effect resulting in a mostly desired re-sensitisation of the glans, however.