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Glans enlargement and advantageous glans shaping with PeniMaster

The shaping and enlargement of the glans of the penis

Two acorns of a tree as a symbol for the glans of the penis

A possible enlargement of the penis glans is implemented over longer periods of time within the framework of an elongation treatment with a PeniMaster expander, normally several months.

With PeniMaster the enlargement of the glans volume observed by users may be based on the applied pressure of the holding belt exerted on the glans.

With PeniMaster PRO that completely encloses the glans, the possible growth of the glans is triggered by the pulling force directly exerted on the glans. As the glans is in a physiologic-anatomic shaped chamber with adaptive diaphragm in doing so, there will be no temporary or permanent organic deformations or tissue hyperextensions; the glans can shape in an anatomically advantageous manner.