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PeniMaster in the case of premature ejaculation and to improve the libido

Premature ejaculation (Ejaculatio praecox)

Computer illustration of sperms swimming towards an ovum.

If a man normally is not able to deliberately delay the time of his ejaculation within the framework of an orgasm, he suffers from premature ejaculation (Latin Ejaculatio praecox). Some people do not experience premature ejaculation while masturbating, but immediately before or after the penetration. Persons affected are not able to provide their sexual partner with sufficiently long vaginal stimulation until she has an orgasm. 


Although physical problems can also be mentioned as causes (e.g. inflammations of the prostate), premature ejaculation in many cases is just "in the head" of the affected persons. Stress, high levels of tension, or even the missing inner willingness to control the orgasm are attempts at an explanation of this sexual dysfunction.

Treatment options

From a therapeutic point of view there are different bio feedback training methods the affected persons must use to learn to timely feel the "overwhelming" orgasm and to work against this orgasm both mentally and physically (e.g. stop-start method, squeeze method). 

Medical therapies are often based on a reduction of the sensory stimulus by desensitising the penis with local anaesthetics or substances effective in the brain. This is only useful to heal the symptoms.

PeniMaster as bio feedback training

The experiences of users of a PeniMaster penis expander have demonstrated that long-term penis elongation may result in a symptomatic improvement of premature ejaculation. It is assumed that the elongation of the penis has the effect of a sensory bio feedback circuit within the framework of which the brain is made permanently aware of the part of the body otherwise "not thought about" during day-to-day life. The effect of getting used to the penis being in long-term "contact with a machine" can result in a mental desensitisation and an improved controllability of the point of time of ejaculation, similar to an active therapy (see above).

Even users who are able to control their orgasm for several minutes and, thus, significantly longer than persons suffering from Ejaculatio praecox possibly improve their sexual stamina due to the application of a penis expander.