The PeniMasterPRO rod penis expander system in sectional view
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Product details PeniMaster®PRO rod expander system

PeniMasterPRO rod expander system detailed description penis expander PeniMasterPRO (basic system) Complete set extension rods Coupling socket Base rods Rotary joints Pulling force control Threaded screws Base ring, including spring balance

1. PeniMasterPRO (basic system)

(Item no. PMP-001)
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2. Basic ring, incl. spring balance

(Item no. EEK-003.i)
Holds PeniMasterPRO in position in order to generate the pulling force. Anatomically shaped with flat, non-arched lower side so that the rod expander can also be worn in a diagonally upwards direction without protruding over the belt. Consisting of glass-fibre reinforced, high-strength plastic material.

2.1 Pulling force control
Displays the pulling force exerted on the penis by means of a 5-part scale up to approx. 1150 grams. Higher pulling forces are possible (not recommendable), but the same are no longer displayed on the instrument.
2.2 Threaded screw
For fine and re-adjustment of the rod length and of the pulling force exerted on the penis.
2.3 Rotary joints
Compact hinges swivelling 180 degrees for wearing in an upwards or downwards direction or away from the body at right angles.
2.4 Basic rods
In order to attach the coupling socket (4). Secured against being unscrewed accidentally, can be extended by means of the delivered extension rods (3).

3. Complete set extension rods

(Item no. EEK-004)
Pairs of rods covered by the scope of delivery of 2cm (EEK-004-2), 4cm (EEK-004-4), 6cm (EEK-004-6), and 8cm (EEK-004-8) in each case, as well as three times 0.5cm (EEK-004-05) to adjust the length true to the millimetre to the penis up to 30cm. Can be extended as required by means of using additional rods.

4. Coupling socket

(Item no. EPMP-006)
Connects the rod pulling force generator (2-4) to PeniMaster-PRO (1). be pressed conveniently onto the rods (2.4 respectively 3) from the top (clip function).

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PeniMaster®PRO rod expander system
PeniMasterPRO Basic +
rod pulling force generator = PeniMasterPRO rod expander system
Solid processing
PeniMaster and PeniMasterPRO are equipped with solid metal rods that can be extended lengthwise in an unlimited manner and are optionally chrome- or gold-plated. All plastic materials are of a low-torsion and highly stable nature. Components subject to particular mechanical stress are glass fibre-reinforced.

This effort is justified in terms of a long service life, since a penis expander is subject to significant punctual loads on the basis of the leverage of the rods, such as in the hinge area of the base ring.

The product is largely assembled manually. This way, the miniature springs for resetting the adaptive fixing webs are manufactured manually; the metal rods are polished manually.