The glans fixation PeniMaster PRO Basic for penis enlargement in sectional view
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The sluice system of PeniMaster PRO

Glans fixation with completely mounted sluice system of PeniMaster PRO

The sluice system of PeniMaster PRO reliably prevents the penetration of air between glans and adhesion diaphragm, which would significantly reduce the fixing force of the system. The sluice system consists of a sealing latex sluice and the sluice ring stretching the sluice. The sluice system works fully automatically in every application phase of PeniMaster PRO and ensures simple, intuitive application of the penis expander to the penis.

The structurally elegant solution adapts to each penis diameter and the erection condition of the penis in a dynamic manner even during the application. The completely mounted sluice only protrudes seven millimetres from the glans chamber of PeniMaster PRO. Since no further sealing or fixing elements are attached to the penis shaft (below the glans), PeniMaster PRO can even be applied to very short penises and in the clinical area even immediately after operations on the penis with the formation of scar tissue (e.g. correction or Induratio penis plastica). Disturbing epilating effects or penetrating air due to pubic hair accidentally jammed into the sealing system are not possible when using this sluice system.

Product advantages:

  • automatic sealing of the system against the penetration of air
  • intuitive: works automatically during application
  • penis shaft remains free of additional fixing elements below the glans
  • no pubic hair can be jammed on the basis of the aforementioned
  • can be used immediately after operations with the formation of scar tissue

The flexible sluice of PeniMaster PRO

Close shot of the latex sluice of PeniMaster PRO

The axially symmetrical sluice made of highly elastic medical latex automatically seals the glans chamber of PeniMaster PRO in an air-tight manner when inserting (hence "sluice") the glans.

The sluice is equipped with a bead (edge thickening) on both sides. One bead is clamped into the circumferential groove (recess) of the sluice ring for connection purposes, the other one over the mounted adhesion diaphragm. The ends of the sluice have an opening diameter of approx. 18mm, which is why they can be routed over the sluice ring and the glans chamber in a comfortable manner. The centre piece of the sluice is tapered so that the sluice is absolutely leak-proof even in the event of very thin penises at all times.

Product advantages:

  • connects sluice ring and glans chamber
  • prevents penetration of air between glans and diaphragm

The sluice ring of PeniMaster PRO

Close shot of the sluice ring of PeniMaster PRO from below and from the top Close shot of the sluice ring of PeniMaster PRO from below and from the top

latex sluice is used to connect the sluice ring to the glans chamber of PeniMaster PRO and serves for simple insertion of the glans of the penis into PeniMaster PRO.

The plastic ring has the same opening diameter as the glans chamber and holds the sluice open like a hopper so that the glans can be inserted into the glans chamber while the system is simultaneously sealed against air. In order that no body hair can be jammed between glans chamber and sluice ring, the sluice ring is equipped with four small spacers.

Product advantages:

  • holds the sluice open for easy insertion of the glans into PeniMaster PRO
  • with spacers against jamming body hair
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