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How can devices which elongate the penis be classified?

Devices which elongate the penis for up to several hours for plastic-cosmetic ortherapeutic purposes are offered under different denominations. If the manufacturer and/or provider (also) assigns a medical purpose to the product (e.g. the application in the post-operative field), the device is a medical product requiring a CE mark in order to be able to be offered in Europe. Frequently and on the basis of the lack of a more applicable category, the products are classified by the trade as sex or erotic products or even sex toys regarding the sale on the internet. A second reason for the aforementioned is that the devices are products to be applied to the penis.

What are these devices called?

Common and correct denominations referring to the operating principle of the devices, i.e. the elongation or stretching of the penis, are "penis stretcher", "penis elongator", or "penis expander". The terms "penis enlarger", "penis lengthener", or "penis extender" are not wrong, but in this context they refer to some of the possible treatment effects in a limiting manner, namely the anatomic penis enlargement or penis elongation. Prosthesis-like attachments for the penis can also be called "penis enlarger", "penis lengthener", or "penis extender", whereby they do not enlarge the penis anatomically, of course. However, by implication these aids are no penis expanders - because they precisely do not permanently stretch the penis with the intention of penis training.


Penis expanders, penis stretchers

PeniMaster and PeniMaster PRO with accessories for penis enlargement
Elongate, stretch, respectively expand the penis with the objective, amongst others, of an actual, anatomic extension (elongation and enlargement) of the penis due to cell growth

Penis extenders, penis enlargement

Transparent penis shell for pseudo penis elongation
Slip-over attachment for the penis for pseudo extension so that the penis is able to stimulate the partner more strongly during intercourse