PeniMaster PRO weight expander
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PeniMaster®PRO weight expander

Product details PeniMaster PRO weight expander

Product details PeniMaster®PRO weight expander

1. PeniMaster®PRO Basic system

(Art.-No. PMP -001)
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2. Weight pulling force generator for PeniMaster PRO system

(Art.-No. ZPMP-007)
Base weight (250 g) with safety system (2.1) and screw-mountable stainless steel round weights (2.6). Pulling force adjustable in steps of 125 g (between 250 g and 1,250 g). Freely expandable with additional weights.

2.1 Base weight 250 g

Round weight with internal thread for screw-mounting of additional weights (2.6) and integral safety belt (2.3 – 2.5).

2.2 Coupling socket

Connects the weight pulling force generator (2) to PeniMaster PRO (1).

2.3 Safety cord

Tear-resistant, with fixed connection to the base weight.

2.4 Shoulder belt

Wide, eudermic tissue belt. Worn like a sash around the shoulders.

2.5 Ladder lock buckles

To adjust the length of the shoulder belt (2.4).

2.6 Round weights

Round weights made of stainless steel. Screw-mounted to the base weight (250 g) (2.1) and to each other.

  • 2 x 125 g (ZPMP-009)
  • 1 x 250 g (ZPMP-010)
  • 1 x 500 g (ZPMP-011)

3. Coupling retainer

(Art.-No. ZPMP-012)
Secures the connection of PeniMaster ®PRO (1) and weight pulling force generator (2) by retaining the coupling socket (2.2).

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