PeniMasterPRO weight expander

Instructions for use: PeniMaster®PRO weight expander

About this wearing variant

  • definable, static pulling force
  • intuitive penis training with weights
  • "Bodybuilding" for the penis
  • can be worn while sitting, standing, or lying one's stomach


Instructions Step 1: weight expander PeniMasterPRO

[!] PeniMasterPRO already has to be applied to the penis


2. + 3.

Instructions Step 2+3: weight expander PeniMasterPRO

Adjust length using the ladder lock buckle.

Couple together.

4. + 5.

Instructions Step 4+5: weight expander PeniMasterPRO

Clip on coupling retainer.

Adjust pulling forces.


Instructions Step 6: weight expander PeniMasterPRO

Correctly applied.

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