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PeniMaster PRO weight expander

Penis stretching with static pulling force using weights

The weight expander for PeniMaster PRO

The weight pulling force generator for PeniMaster PRO exerts a defined and consistent pulling force on the penis, which is stretched vertically downward.

From a starting weight of 250 grammes, the weight can be increased in steps of 125 grammes. Weights up to 1,250 g are included in the scope of supply. The weights are secured with an integral system.

Product advantages of the PeniMaster PRO weight expander

  • uses the patented PeniMaster PRO Basis (self-adjusted anatomical connection with the glans of the penis)
  • static weights for defined, consistent pulling force
  • integral safety concept
  • slim, combinable weights
  • sensible gradations of pulling force
  • bodybuilding for the penis
  • intuitive application
  • no pressure on the pubic bone
  • no counter bearing on the shaft of the penis
  • application over night is possible (read more)


PeniMaster PRO Basis + Weight Pulling Force Generator = PeniMaster PRO Weight Expander

The PeniMaster PRO Weight Expander offers intuitive access to the subject of penis stretching. The generation of consistent pulling force on the penis by defined weights comes closest to the idea of "Bodybuilding for the penis" for some users.

With the PeniMasterPRO weight expander, the penis remains able to swing freely while subjected to pulling force. Due to ist concept, the system is especially suitable for discrete home use.

PeniMaster PRO weight expander

Simple application, greatest safety!

In the development of the equipment, particular attention was paid to ensuring extremely simple use and at the same time the greatest safety. Numerous customer requests were taken into account in this, from customers who wanted to use the proven PeniMaster PRO Basis with slim, expandable weights.

The specially produced, solid round weights made of stainless steel are screwed to a base weight of 250 g for the adjustment of the weight on the penis. By combining the weights, defined pulling forces, up to the recommended maximum load of 1,250 g, can be adjusted in steps of 125 g (contained in scope of supply, can be expanded by additional weights).

The base weight is clipped into the glans chamber of PeniMaster PRO and secured with a special coupling. The securing concept is completed by a comfortable shoulder belt made of high-strength industrial fibres with arrestor cable.

Round weights made of stainless steel for the weight expander PeniMaster PRO

Penis training is simple while sat at a desk – or while cooking

The system can be worn for several hours if one is sat forward on a chair, perhaps while working or playing games on the PC. This way the wearing time necessary for good results can be achieved "on the side". The system can be worn in a standing position while performing low-movement household activities such as cooking.

Can be used while lying on one's stomach

For men who have had an operative penis extension carried out with a surgical incision in the area of the pubic bone, the weight pulling force generator also offers a probably uniquely advantageous rehabilitation variant, in which no pressure whatsoever is exerted on the scar tissue and absolutely no bending of the penis occurs.

This wearing variant is suitable for everyone:

For this, the user lies down on his stomach between two parted supporting surfaces (such as armchairs). He places his penis, with the weight system attached, in the gap between the lying surfaces, at a 90-degree angle to his body.

With a newspaper or smartphone on the floor to pass the time, sufficiently long wearing times can be achieved in a lying position. Especially if these are divided up over the day in several sessions.

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