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Studies and Medical reports PeniMaster PRO

Medical report Dr. Ruslan Petrovich regarding PeniMaster PRO

  • Dr. Petrovich made his own experiences with all kinds of penis expanders
  • uses expanders on patients for penis enhancement without surgical intervention and after surgical intervention in the penis for post-operative care
  • The long-term elongation of the tissue always causes an increase of the size of the penis.
  • In order to achieve good results, an efficient expander must be used that can be worn comfortably on the penis for long periods of time.
  • Dr. Petrovich himself was not able to wear any penis expander for extended periods of time due to poor fixation performances, dissatisfying comfort, and numerous side-effects. Using PeniMaster PRO, he was able to do so for the first time.
  • Dr. Petrovich also has high hopes for PeniMaster PRO in the field of post-operative care after interventions regarding the penis.

Editor's note:

The following text is a test report of the renowned urologist and andrologist Dr. Ruslan Petrovich regarding the PeniMaster PRO penis expander.

Dr. Petrovich is a surgeon, plastic surgeon, and microsurgeon specialising in the field of andrology. Within the framework of this work, he has performed several thousand operations on the penis. Dr. Petrovich uses penis expanders for patients as a non-invasive option of plastic penis correction (penis enlargement and penis straightening), as well as for the follow-up treatment of the operated penis.

His assessment of the physiological PeniMaster PRO penis expander is based on his own experiences and those his patients made regarding traditional penis elongation devices when compared to PeniMaster PRO.

Dr. Petrovich published the report successively in accordance with his growing acquisition of knowledge on the product during day-to-day clinical application covering a period of several months in his popular Russian Extender Forum. This explains the partially jumpy "notebook character" when showing the text outside of a forum such as here.

Dr. Petrovich also publishes technical urological contributions in the Andro Forum, for example on erectile dysfunction, male infertility, premature ejaculation, phimosis, or bending of the penis where he is the contact regarding these topics.

The text is published by courtesy of Dr. Petrovich.

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich about PeniMaster PRO. Application of an extender* in medicine

*Editor's note:
Dr. Petrovich refers to elongation devices for the penis as "Extenders". This corresponds to a commonly used name for these products. However, the term "Expander" is more correct (read more). In the translation of the text written by Dr. Petrovich, we will stick with the term "Extender".

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich:
For the first time during the many years I have been dealing with the topic of penis elongation, I was able to wear a penis extender successfully and in a disciplined manner for several days using the PeniMaster PRO device.

I made my own experiences with practically all kinds of extenders. Devices with loops, belts, rods, or also pumps. As far as I am concerned, I never had the goal or motivation to enlarge my penis. Nevertheless, I wanted to collect my own impressions with these devices in order to get an idea of what my patients experience with these products.

My analysis regarding the efficiency of the penis enlargement techniques resulted in the finding that the mechanical elongation of the penis' tissue using a penis elongator is always efficient as a matter of principle.

On the contrary, penis extenders are only efficient in 60-70% of the cases. However, since extenders constitute the necessary tools for elongating the penis' tissue, their efficiency depends on the following criteria:

  • pulling force
  • application time (period during which the extender is worn per application)
  • reliable fixation of the extender to the penis
  • comfortable fixation of the extender to the penis
  • safety of application (no injuries)

Even if the first three of the criteria are met, the lack of the latter criteria will nevertheless undermine the success and the success will be virtually zero.

Since it goes without saying that many men are absolutely able to spend the required time for using an extender in the long run. For example, they can learn how to set the pulling rods and also how to bandage the glans in order to achieve a better fit for devices with loop or belt fixation. However, once excoriations or swellings occur as a result of using the extender, they are forced to interrupt wearing the device for a couple of days. As a consequence, sexual intercourse is not possible either. This forced waiver resulting from an injury of the penis (e.g. tear in the foreskin) causes sexually active men to reject the extender. However, the extender should be used every day, if possible.

Therefore, the inefficiency of the devices is the result of irregular application with too low a pulling force caused by possible injuries and is an explanation as to why many users are thus disappointed by the tissue elongation method.

As far as I am concerned, I have never been able to wear extenders with loop fixation for more than one hour due to emerging pain. Extenders with belt fixation often did not stay on or the belts jumped out of the supports in the event of higher tensions. Based on these experiences, there was no ideal extender for me up to date.

While, on the contrary, my personal experience with the new PeniMaster PRO vacuum extender is positive.

Admittedly, I never had the goal of elongating my penis. However, I was curious about the device I was provided with for testing purposes. I was able to wear the device for more than three hours already during initial use, despite the strong pulling force.

Never before had I managed to wear an extender over such a long period of time. Since either the device slipped out of position or I had to stop using the device due to emerging pain. After I had initially convinced myself of the general applicability in the manner described above, I tested PeniMaster PRO during my everyday life. Half an hour drive, some shopping, a walk, followed by another drive in the car - more than three hours. During this time, physical movements, for example when climbing stairs, resulted in changed pulling forces and therefore in minor losses of comfort. Nevertheless, the extender stayed absolutely in place despite the high pulling force and the process of elongating the tissue took place without any pain. However, the most important fact: wearing the device did not cause any excoriations or oedemata.

Therefore, I have high hopes of using the device also after surgical intervention on the penis with the goal of penis enhancement.

Urologist Dr. Ruslan Petrovich

Curriculum vitae Dr. Ruslan Petrovich

  • Physician and andrologist, plastic surgeon specialised on surgical andrology
Professional training
  • 2000
  • Graduation from the Moscow Medical Academy with top grade and honours
  • 2000 to 2001
  • Research secretary of the Professional Association of Andrologists in Russia
  • 2000 to 2002
  • Advanced training in the clinical department for urology and andrology at Moscow University
  • 2002 to 2008
  • Urologist at the Clinical Centre for Microsurgery, Reconstructive and Reproductive Andrology in the Moscow Rehabilitation Centre
  • 2008 to 2010
  • Urologist at the Centre for Human Reproduction
  • as of 2011
  • Surgeon in the microsurgery department of the Moscow State Rehabilitation Hospital
  • performed several thousand surgical interventions in the field of genital and plastic surgery
Teaching and research activities
  • 2003 to 2007
  • Assistant at the faculty for urologic surgery
  • Teacher regarding the topical improvement of surgical andrology
  • since 2011
  • Assistant at the Faculty for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the People's Friendship University of Russia
  • 2011
  • thesis on the topic "Diagnostic analysis and treatment of infertility in overweight men"
  • publishes in regional and international Internet forums
  • holds speeches on medical symposiums regarding numerous topics in the field of men's health
  • regularly publishes contributions in scientific technical magazines for andrology/urology
  • spokesperson of the pharmaceutical companies Bayer-Schering Pharma and Eli Lilly regarding hypogonadism (an endocrinic dysfunction of the testicles resulting in a lack of testosterone) and erectile dysfunction
  • holder of numerous patents in the field of reconstructive surgery of the genital area
Key areas
  • diagnostic analysis and treatment of male infertility
  • genital surgery
  • treatment of premature ejaculation
  • erectile dysfunction (therapy and surgical treatment)
  • diagnostic analysis and treatment of hypogonadism
  • correction of the size of the penis (from therapy through to surgical correction)
  • diagnostic analysis and treatment of age-related lack of androgen
  • general plastic surgery
  • plastic surgery for men suffering from gynaecomastia and lipomastia
  • androgenising implants for transsexuals

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich about PeniMaster PRO

  • Results of operative penis enhancements often were unsatisfactory, since no powerful penis expanders were available for post-operative treatment
  • Dr. Petrovich expects enhanced operative results when using PeniMaster PRO for elongating the tissue within the framework of post-operative treatment.
  • Dr. Petrovich has already successfully applied PeniMaster PRO to the penises of thirty patients within one month (January 2013).
  • The device may seem to be complex at the first glance.
  • If handled properly, PeniMaster PRO can be applied to the penis within a few seconds and can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time.

The often unsatisfactory result of an operative elongation of the penis can be explained by the fact that the patient is not able to wear the extenders with loop or belt fixation used subsequently. Either because the support fails or causes pain, a fact that may also be attributable to the specific anatomy of the penis (small glans; long foreskin; short frenulum), as well as other individual features (low threshold of pain, thin, sensitive skin, chronic inflammation).

Editor's note:
After an operation on the penis, the cicatricial tissue may contract thwarting the operatively achieved elongation of the penis this way.

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich:
I firmly believe that the application of PeniMaster PRO after an operative penis enhancement is very efficient based on the subsequent comfortable elongation.

Supplement from 29 January 2013
I very much appreciate the fact that the interest in PeniMaster PRO is growing. I have been working with this model in my clinical practice for more than a month. Up to the present day, more than thirty patients consulted me who either bought PeniMaster PRO through me or already brought the device to the consultation.

I would like to report further about their and my own experiences. At the first glance, the system may appear to be somewhat complicated. An impression shared by some members of our Andro Forum who were not able to properly apply the device right away. The experiences of Nik, who by now is very satisfied with the device after some initial difficulties, are exemplary. Since the extender is fixed easily and safely to the penis within a few seconds when handled properly in accordance with the instructions. Thereafter, the device can be worn very comfortably over extended periods of time.

Therefore, when my patients wear the device for the first time, I apply the device myself and I set the length of the rod pulling force generator and the vacuum for them. In so doing, I take into consideration their personal feeling and feeling of comfort. Then, the patients wear the device for approx. two hours for probational purposes on the penis and report their experiences to me afterwards.

Dr. Rusl​an Petrovich about PeniMaster PRO

  • PeniMaster PRO is not a usual vacuum expander.
  • Due to the three combined retention forces (adhesion, positiv locking fit, vacuum), the fixation is good and comfortable at the same time.
  • A simple penis expander featuring a simple vacuum cup (without physiologic perfect fit with the glans as with PeniMaster PRO) would result in a higher risk of injuries.
  • significantly more powerful than expanders with loop fixation
  • by the beginning of 2013, tested successfully during day-to-day life with more than thirty patients during one month already
  • only not recommendable for the penis in the event of a few indications

The PeniMaster PRO penis extender is not a usual vacuum device. Rather, it combines vacuum with other bonding forces.

At first, the glans is sucked into the glans chamber with the help of vacuum where it is kept in shape. There, adhesion ("adhesive power") and mechanical tight fit (due to the shape of the flexible diaphragm and the vacuum chamber, also in connection with the split adapters) act as additional fixing forces.

Since these retention forces complement each other, the result is a very safe fixation of the glans while simultaneously minimising undesired side-effects of the individual forces. If PeniMaster PRO were something like a traditional vacuum device, the risk of sustaining an injury would be significantly higher when wearing the device for extended periods of time. If the product comprised a merely mechanical fixation of the penis (loop expander), the possible wearing times would not be sufficient due to arising pain.

Furthermore, merely mechanical systems are hardly suitable for patients with small or sensitive glanses.

No problems with the 30 extenders tested up to now

The extender is universally usable. Up to date, I applied "PeniMaster PRO" to more than thirty patients. I was able to successfully apply the device to every single one of those patients in such a way that that it was possible to immediately wear the device for propational purposes in the hospital over an initial period of 1-2 hours comfortably and without any problems or pain. In this, the patients moved freely through the entire hospital, climbed stairs, went for a walk, or ate something in the canteen.

After this test, all patients purchased PeniMaster PRO. Those who had used an expander with loop fixation before were enthusiastic.

However, there were also patients with specific problems whom I advised against wearing the device. This included a patient with a pathologically hypersensitive glans who already felt strong pain during minor contact, which indicated an operative desensitisation. The foreskin of another patient was sucked into the vacuum chamber and engorged due to the penile frenulum being too short. Before using an extender, this also would have required to be corrected surgically.

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich about PeniMaster PRO

  • application without adaptive adhesion diaphragm possible in the event of a large glans (but not recommendable)
  • Problems arising during application may be eliminated by simply adjusting the vacuum in order to balance the combination of positive locking fit, adhesion, and vacuum.

Since the device also works without adaptive diaphragm as a matter of principle*, this diaphragm may be relinquished under some circumstances. Since the diaphragm makes it more difficult to suck in the glans into the vacuum chamber in some cases. As far as I am concerned, I do not use it. However, the gel must be prevented from penetrating the valve (which may have adverse effects on the function of the device). Therefore, I remove the valve and clean it from the inside using a handkerchief at regular intervals.

*Editor's note: Men whose glans does not completely fill the chamber should not wear PeniMaster PRO without diaphragm. Moreover, we absolutely recommend that all users use the device in accordance with the user manual, including the mounted adaptive adhesion diaphragm! This diaphragm improves the fixation of the system by dynamically adapting to every glans shape and size. Furthermore, the diaphragm protects the glans against the vacuum in the glans chamber and prevents the ingress of liquids (sweat, maintenance products) into the valve

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich:
Opinion from 1/29/13, continued.

The vacuum in the system must be adjusted. The glans is fixed properly in most cases by operating the pump ball once, possibly one and a half times.

Editor's note:
The diaphragm (including the glans) can be sucked-in in several steps, without having to remove the pump ball from PeniMaster PRO.

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich:
Afterwards, the glans must not protrude from the glans chamber. This can be checked by slightly pulling the sluice ring from the glans chamber. If the rim of the glans is still visible, re-pumping is required. Sometimes, a split adapter must be used in order to reduce the opening diameter of the glans chamber.*

*Editor's note:
for low penis diameters)

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich:
Inside, the glans should not be pushed excessively against the split adapters, since this shifts the mode of operation of the system to its mechanical fixing component*. If the glans is pushed excessively against the split adapter, this is mostly indicated by dull pain. Slight re-pumping results in the glans being sucked further to the front towards the valve and in the rim of the glans being relieved.

*Editor's note:
PeniMaster PRO combines positive locking fit (mechanical fixation), adhesion, and vacuum for gently and safely fixing the glans.

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich:
A practical example: the extender is applied to the penis using the rod pulling force generator. The visual inspection by pulling away the sluice ring from the glans chamber confirms that the glans has been sucked into the glans chamber completely and properly. Nevertheless, the patient experiences dull pain (in the rim of the glans).

Now, all one has to do is to uncouple the rods from the glans chamber, reapply the pump ball for pumping off some air (without having to remove the glans chamber from the glans beforehand), and reconnect the rods to the glans chamber. The pain is now gone.

This way, the design of PeniMaster PRO allows for a very comfortable extension of the penis, even after an operative penis enhancement (ligamentomy). This reliable fixation allows for permanent tissue elongation after the surgical intervention, whereby the maximum operation result can only be achieved after all.

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich about PeniMaster PRO

  • The product advantages outweigh all initial difficulties when getting to know PeniMaster PRO.
  • Dr. Petrovich considers PeniMaster PRO to be the best device for penis elongation.
  • For users of traditional devices, PeniMaster PRO represents huge progress.
  • Dr. Petrovich uses PeniMaster PRO in the clinical area for post-operative treatment after penis operations.
  • PeniMaster PRO is the first product he can recommend to his patients without any restrictions or even his own modifications to the product.
  • Dr. Petrovich deems PeniMaster PRO to be the perfect and most efficient penis expander, also in terms of non-operative penis enhancement.

Opinion from 11 February 2013

The extender really is very good.

All difficulties that may possibly occur during application are irrelevant given the safe and comfortable fixation of the penis. This is my personal opinion as a user of PeniMaster PRO and also my professional assessment.

In my opinion, this extender currently is the best device for use after a surgical intervention and also for elongating the penis conservatively without any operation.

At this point, I venture to provide an assessment that may be unethical. Maybe I will delete this text one day as a result. Nevertheless: when asked what I can recommend, PeniMaster PRO or an extender with loop fixation, I use an analogy of automobiles. If the task is to get from "point A" to "point B", this can be done in a simple vehicle (I do not want to mention any brands) or in a comfortable luxury model. If one never drove a simple model, one takes the amenities of the luxury model for granted and cannot really appreciate them, the same holds true for the topic of penis enhancement. The task is to elongate the penis. To this end, a device must be selected and the available devices are also characterised by significant differences regarding their suitability for this purpose.

Of course, I am happy for all patients using PeniMaster PRO as their first extender. On the other hand, they are not able to feel the same enthusiasm as I feel, since I am able to compare the device to traditional extenders from my own application experience.

Between 2005 and 2009, I conducted roughly 120 to 150 operative penis enhancements. I did not consult these patients before the surgical intervention, I was only the surgeon in charge. This task also included instructing the patients as to how to handle a penis extender after the surgical intervention. I can say that half of the men I operated simply were not able to apply the extenders available back then, since these did not fit. This includes all extenders, both with loop and with belt fixation.

In the majority of the cases, this affected men with small, flattened penis glans or long foreskin. The holding belt simply slipped off. Loop fixations even squeezed the penis head due to the foam material and additionally irritated the skin. All of this was only practical to a very small extent.

Born out of necessity, I invented a penis bandaging technique using Peha adhesive tape. This provided a solution to the problem of insufficient fixation, but did not result in any improvement of the wearing comfort.

Why do I write this?

Since many patients did not achieve any satisfactory final result from operation simply because they did not achieve sufficient elongation of the operated penis during post-operative treatment over extended periods of time! If I had had PeniMaster PRO already back then, the efficiency of the surgical interventions would have been very significantly higher thanks to the device.

I can say that I have found the perfect extender for my day-to-day practice in PeniMaster PRO.

Despite the price of the device, I absolutely recommend using PeniMaster PRO to all of my patients I consult or whose penis I operate on.

I also only recommend using PeniMaster PRO as the most efficient penis extender by far to patients wanting to enlarge their penis conservatively without an operation or to those patients without a medical indication for a surgical intervention.

Since I attach great importance to results, I will continue to drive the topic. May goal is to achieve the maximum efficiency regarding the penis enhancement technique.