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About us - MSP Concept GmbH & Co. KG

  • MSP Concept's principle:
    Be part of life!
  • company headquartered in Germany
  • since 1998 sale of urological products
  • since 2002 proprietary product line PeniMaster
  • since 2011 PeniMaster PRO system
  • innovation, functionality, and quality as leitmotif

About us - MSP Concept GmbH & Co. KG

MSP Concept GmbH & Co. KG is a business headquartered in Berlin, Germany, focusing on the development, production, and marketing of urologic products and  medical products. MSP Concept is the manufacturer of the world-renowned urological penis extender PeniMaster brand.

Be part of life!

Issues related to the penis often are equivalent to issues and limitations during day-to-day life for males suffering from those issues. For instance, whether the penis is perceived to be too small or thin subjectively or objectively in accordance with medical criteria, whether there is a congenital or acquired contortion, or even an age-related or pathological decrease in size of the penis: all of the above may be real barriers for the sex life or diminish the self-confidence to an extent that the person concerned is no longer able or willing to fully participate in life.

For instance, if the sauna session or nudist beach are avoided with excuses; if an attractive woman (or man) is not approached because of the feeling of being a physical disappointment when making love after having won his/her heart; if, out of embarrassment, one does not "man up" at the urinal, but uses the toilet with lockable door instead: these are some of the multiple situations and reasons why we developed our physiological expanders of the PeniMaster series. 

Consequently, enlarging or straightening the penis with or without surgical intervention or treating minor erectile dysfunction are only of secondary importance to us as a manufacturer of urological medical products. We rather are more concerned about men not having to hide themselves or their sexuality, but being able to participate in life with all its beautiful facets.

Be part of life - with PeniMaster!

Our modern classic PeniMaster

Produktfoto PeniMaster

In 1998 we started marketing devices for penis elongation, so-called penis expanders, that were initially purchased from other providers. These devices were simple designs with simple fixing mechanisms for the penis our customers could use to already achieve good results. However, the criticism of our customers regarding these devices caused us to develop our own product line: PeniMaster. Several development stages resulted in the current model EEK-000.i that can be deemed the most innovative and functional rod expander of its kind in general with adaptive fixing slots, soft holding belts, safety and comfort clips, and highly stable materials. This claim is documented in national and international patents and trade mark rights. In 2002, PeniMaster was offered for the first time and quickly became a recommendation for discerning users.

Along with the proverbial quality and reliability, our goodwill and discretion also contributed to the success of PeniMaster (not: "Penismaster"). Years ago, a time when there were no statutory regulations for this, our customers already were able to test PeniMaster for weeks without any limitation in practice and nevertheless return the product without having to provide any reasons - at complete reimbursement of all costs, worldwide. Our customers will not be confronted with unsolicited canvassing calls, emails, or product details on packages neither following a request, a visit to our website, the purchase or return of one of our products, nor on the basis of any other reason.

Our new form of power and comfort: PeniMaster PRO

PeniMaster Pro

After a development period of more than three years, we presented the modularly designed and downwardly compatible PeniMaster PRO system in 2011 comprising our long-term experience with PeniMaster and again numerous suggestions of customers, subjects, but also of users of other devices. The stringent product design of PeniMaster PRO basic following the function uniquely defines functionality, capacity, and practical suitability in this product range also from a technological point of view. This unique position of PeniMaster PRO is also guaranteed on the basis of industrial property rights. 

Quality, goodwill, and discretion

PeniMaster 100% Geld zurück

The safety of our products is a very important issue for MSP Concept. The continuous processing and production inspections are therefore an integral part of our certified quality management systems in accordance with the standard ISO 13485.

5 Jahre Garantie vom Hersteller für Produkte der Marke PeniMaster

Made in Germany - MSP Concept

With PeniMaster from MSP Concept you will purchase innovative, sustainable quality and technology made in Germany.

MSP Concept is sponsor for the Rehema Center Medical in Goma / Congo

REHEMA Centre Medical

As a manufacturer of urological medical devices, we know from MSP Concept how important is a good medical care for patients. That's why we support the humanitarian project Rehema Central Medical for people in poverty in Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) in Central Africa. More info