PeniMaster® Classic

Includes threads for extension rods.
Basic Ring incl. Spring Balance

84,69 €

currently available immediately
Patented penis fastening system (support base) with adaptive fastening apertures for improved handling.
Support Base

79,39 €

currently available immediately
6 extension rods of 0,5cm each
Extension Rods 0,5cm

21,09 €

Available soon
Pair of rods 2cm each
Extension Rods 2cm

26,39 €

Available soon
Pair of rods 4cm each
Extension Rods 4cm

31,69 €

Available soon
Pair of rods 6cm each
Extension Rods 6cm

34,87 €

Available soon
Pair of rods 8cm each
Extension Rods 8cm

40,17 €

Available soon
Set of rods to be screwed into one another in pairs of 2cm, 4cm, 6cm, 8cm plus 6 rods of 0,5 cm.
Set of Extension Rods

104,94 €

Available soon
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