PeniMaster Classic

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For a better comfort fixing the penis. (Wear parts)
2x Silicone Comfort Band (set of 2)
Item no.: EEK-005

7,95 €

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Made from extra-soft synthetic material for maximum comfort to fixate the penis on the support base with adaptive fastening apertures EEK-002.i (Wear parts)
4x Holding Belt (Set of 4)
Item no.: EEK-001.i

10,49 €

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Views about PeniMaster PRO

"The delivery of my Penimaster Pro took longer than expected. Whatever the reason, I had to wait an extra week, allegedly because of Corona. When the product finally arrived, I was satisfied overall."
"It took me a few weeks to notice any changes. You have to be patient and keep at it to get good results."
"The price of the Penimaster Pro is medically high compared to other penis enlargement offers. But apart from stretching there isn't really anything else you can do for straightening. Then the Penimaster is certainly one of the best devices you can buy, especially the PRO. "
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